.The Weekly Poem.

July 13, 2010 at 8:00 AM (Personal, Poem)

The Bridge
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I stood on the bridge at midnight,
As the clocks were striking the hour,
And the moon rose o’er the city,
Behind the dark church-tower.

I saw her bright reflection
In the waters under me,
Like a golden goblet falling
And sinking into the sea.

And far in the hazy distance
Of that lovely night in June,
The blaze of the flaming furnace
Gleamed redder than the moon.

Among the long, black rafters
The wavering shadows lay,
And the current that came from the ocean
Seemed to lift and bear them away;

As, sweeping and eddying through them,
Rose the belated tide,
And, streaming into the moonlight,
The seaweed floated wide.

And like those waters rushing
Among the wooden piers,
A flood of thoughts came o’er me
That filled my eyes with tears.

How often, oh, how often,
In the days that had gone by,
I had stood on that bridge at midnight
And gazed on that wave and sky!

How often, oh, how often,
I had wished that the ebbing tide
Would bear me away on its bosom
O’er the ocean wild and wide!

For my heart was hot and restless,
And my life was full of care,
And the burden laid upon me
Seemed greater than I could bear.

But now it has fallen from me,
It is buried in the sea;
And only the sorrow of others
Throws its shadow over me.

Yet whenever I cross the river
On its bridge with wooden piers,
Like the odor of brine from the ocean
Comes the thought of other years.

And I think how many thousands
Of care-encumbered men,
Each bearing his burden of sorrow,
Have crossed the bridge since then.

I see the long procession
Still passing to and fro,
The young heart hot and restless,
And the old subdued and slow!

And forever and forever,
As long as the river flows,
As long as the heart has passions,
As long as life has woes;

The moon and its broken reflection
And its shadows shall appear,
As the symbol of love in heaven,
And its wavering image here.


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.Allen E. Paulson College of Science and Technology (Physics Department).

July 9, 2010 at 8:39 AM (FYE1220)

Since I am not currently on campus, I can not write about any campus events. So, I will be reviewing the

Allen E. Paulson College of Science and Technology website

The site is simple and easy to navigate (and to understand). If you click on the link about the college you will get a list of all the majors the college has to offer. You can also find mission and vision statements, alumni, administration, and the departments and programs. I will shorten the list a bit, but here are the majors!



Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology

Geology and Geography

Mathematical Sciences

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology

Military Science

Physics(my major)

 After clicking on one of the majors you are directed to that departments web page. We will use the Physics Department as an example. 😉

After clicking the link you are taken to a welcome page. Usually it states which department you have clicked on. For example, it will say Georgia Southern University Department of Physics. Most of the pages also have a graphic pertaining to the subject. On the main page you are able to view (via link) the departments mission, programs and courses, faculty and staff, research, facilities, department news, colloquia, physics resources, and information about the planetarium. There is also contact information available. My favorite link is to the planetarium. On the planetarium page you can find information about when you can come watch the show. You can see over 6000 stars projected on a 30 foot dome. (It’s amazing to watch!) You can view a preview (video) of the planetarium, and find dates to go see the show.

Again I would def. recommend the planetarium.  🙂

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.What’s My Social Media Policy?.

July 7, 2010 at 8:08 AM (FYE1220)

1. Connecting: Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to connect

I love it when I get a new follower. However sometimes I have no idea about the who, the what, or the why. If you decided to follow me it would be wonderful if you introduced yourself! I like to keep in touch with my followers and usually that is where I get my new “Weekly” ideas from. So please, do not be afraid to introduce yourself!

2. Follow, add, friend: Yes, Wi, Ja, Si!

If you add me, I will add you. I am not very picky when it comes to that. So, if you follow or friend me I will accept and re-follow you almost one hundred percent of the time. However, if in the long run, we are not compatible as friends or followers I will un friend you… but that rarely happens. (And if its Facebook it’s usually a technical issue and by no means my doing.)

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: I prefer to keep personal things personal.

I am fine with stumbling across a tagged photo of me with my friends on Facebook. Mainly this is because its hard to get any picture of me lately (so the stumble upon will be rare) and if I do allow someone to snap my picture I am usually all over it. (As in OMG I wasnt even looking… ERASE… re-take please!) Well… if you can guess, I don’t like to have my picture taken. 😛

BUT, please if you really know me (in real life) don’t post where I live, my phone number, or any type of personal information. I really dislike that. 0.0

4. Signal to noise: MySpace, Facebook(Farmtown), Twitter, Bebo, Vampirefreaks, and so on, and so on. 

I have a lot, and I mean a lot of different social media accounts/web sites. If you find me, add me. I’m not one to be picky (as mentioned above).

5. Personal data and sharing: Friends yes, lovers no.

If we like the same things (music, food, hobbies) we might become friends. But, if I don’t know you in real life, again, im not that interested in sharing personal information. Also, please friends only, I am almost married. =^.^=

6. My networking needs and uses: [subhead here]

MySpace: I don’t use it much anymore (after I got tired of Mobsters) but I still check it from time to time.

Facebook: I really only play Farmtown on Facebook. If you play farmtown I will definitely add you. (Wanna be my neighbor?)

Twitter: I don’t really use twitter that much, but I will follow you if your posts are interesting.

Bebo: Dont use it anymore, at all. So really there is no use in adding me on it. 😛

Vampirefreaks: I use this about as much as I use MySpace. (Its great for the groups!)

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.The Weekly Poem.

July 6, 2010 at 8:00 AM (Personal, Poem)

Unseen Spirits
Nathaniel Parker Willis

The shadows lay along Broadway,
‘T was near the twilight-tide
And slowly there a lady fair
Was walking in her pride.
Alone walked she; but, viewlessly,
Walked spirits at her side.

Peace charmed the street beneath her feet,
And Honor charmed the air;
And all astir looked kind on her,
And called her good as fair
For all God ever gave to her
She kept with chary care.

She kept with care her beauties rare
From lovers warm and true
For her heart was cold to all but gold,
And the rich came not to woo
But honored well are charms to sell
If priests the selling do.

Now walking there was one more fair
A slight girl, lily-pale;
And she had unseen company
To make the spirit quail
‘Twixt Want and Scorn she walked forlorn,
And nothing could avail.

No mercy now can clear her brow
For this world’s peace to pray;
For, as love’s wild prayer dissolved in air,
Her woman’s heart gave way!
But the sin forgiven by Christ in heaven
By man is cursed alway!

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.The Weekly News.

July 3, 2010 at 8:00 AM (News, Personal)

‘The Smurfs’ Get Real in First Movie Trailer

France to raise retirement age from 60 to 62

Mass. researcher says he has ID’d 7 MIAs from WWII

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.How Stuff Works.

July 1, 2010 at 9:00 PM (FYE1220)

Stuff You Should Know is one of my favorite podcasts from HowStuffWorks.Com and I have listened to every episode. Not only is it entertaining, but I actually learn something new every time I press play on my Ipod. The podcasters  Charles W. Bryant (also known as Chuck) and Josh Clark are very skilled at relaying information, and in most cases keeping the podcast funny. (Usually the comedic relief is greatly welcomed since the podcasts are now as long as thirty minutes or more.)

I have listened to Josh and Chuck since they first started making podcasts. The first few were rather short (only about five minutes) but they were fun to listen to. A few weeks after their first post, the length of the podcast became an average of ten to fifteen minutes long. Then a few months after that they reached the current average podcast runtime of about thirty minutes to forty-five minutes.

There is also a blog for the podcast (Also titled Stuff You Should Know) which is available if you click HERE. There are a few posts that are my favorite (that correspond with a podcast) here are a few of them:

Even if coincidences do not exist, they are still really sweet

Podcast Goodness: Lobotomies and Death Predicting Cats

Podcast Goodness: Dead Bodies on Everest and Deja Vu

Ancient Druids and Cannibalism; Is the Thigh Bone Connected to the Ritual Human Consumption Bone?

Podcast Goodness: Microexpressions and Good Anger – HULK SMASH!

The last one is my favorite. I would definitely recommend any How Stuff Works Podcasts (they have a lot) especially if you like to learn new and interesting things.

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.The Weekly Poem.

June 29, 2010 at 8:00 AM (Personal, Poem)

Hoodlums by Carl Sandburg

I AM a hoodlum, you are a hoodlum, we and all of us are a world of hoodlums—maybe so.
I hate and kill better men than I am, so do you, so do all of us—maybe—maybe so.
In the ends of my fingers the itch for another man’s neck, I want to see him hanging, one of dusk’s cartoons against the sunset.
This is the hate my father gave me, this was in my mother’s milk, this is you and me and all of us in a world of hoodlums—maybe so.
Let us go on, brother hoodlums, let us kill and kill, it has always been so, it will always be so, there is nothing more to it.
Let us go on, sister hoodlums, kill, kill, and kill, the torsoes of the world’s mother’s are tireless and the loins of the world’s fathers are strong—so go on—kill, kill, kill.
Lay them deep in the dirt, the stiffs we fixed, the cadavers bumped off, lay them deep and let the night winds of winter blizzards howl their burial service.
The night winds and the winter, the great white sheets of northern blizzards, who can sing better for the lost hoodlums the old requiem, “Kill him! kill him!…”
Today my son, to-morrow yours, the day after your next door neighbor’s—it is all in the wrists of the gods who shoot craps—it is anybody’s guess whose eyes shut next.
Being a hoodlum now, you and I, being all of us a world of hoodlums, let us take up the cry when the mob sluffs by on a thousand shoe soles, let us too yammer, “Kill him! kill him!…”
Let us do this now … for our mothers … for our sisters and wives … let us kill, kill, kill—for the torsoes of the women are tireless and the loins of the men are strong.

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.What is Digital Dirt.

June 29, 2010 at 6:06 AM (FYE1220)

Digital Dirt is basically any information that a future employer can find to be distasteful on the internet that is either about you, or that you posted. (This includes blogs, comments, YouTube videos, pictures, Facebook, and MySpace.)

I personally do not agree with the idea of digital dirt. Why should employers care about what you do during your free time? For example: I shop at hottopic, half of the time my hair is an odd color, and its usually cut into a mohawk. Sometimes I like to wear dread falls, half the time (and yes I’ll admit it) I look wierd to most people. I have pictures of myself dressed like that. They are my pics. and I like them very much. However if an employer saw them, they might not want to hire me.

However, when I go to work I either get a hair cut and dye my hair or I wear a wig. I remove all my piercings, I work hard, and I do a good job. Any of my past employers would agree. But, if employers only judged me by my pictures, I could be out of a job rather quickly. Therefore I think that the idea of digital dirt used in this manner is silly. I do not think employers should judge your ability to work by your Facebook or MySpace pictures.

There is, however, another type of digital dirt that I could understand employers using. Opinions (blogs). I personally am having a bit of a fuss over CBS cancelling Ghost Whisperer. I’m angry and annoyed that they would stop showing it (since again… it was my favorite) and I am not the only one. I ended up joining a CBS SUCKS Facebook group just to share my dissatisfaction. BUT, what if I wanted a job and the only station that had that particular job available was CBS? If they dug up that dirt they may not want to hire me at all. Even if it was available at ABC or FOX what if they saw that I joined the CBS sucks group? They might not want to hire me either.

I think in the end, it’s a silly thing for employers to waste money, time, and resources, finding “Digital Dirt” on future employers. But, I could see why you would want to monitor what you do or say. (Just for the sake of not looking foolish on the internet.)

Here is a good site describing Digital Dirt.

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.The Weekly News.

June 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM (News, Personal)

Rodent expert shines light on rats in NYC subways

Outlook: Gay marriage fate rests in courts of law, public opinion

10 Most Popular Haircuts of All Time

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.The Weekly Tuber.

June 25, 2010 at 8:00 AM (LOL, Personal, YouTube)

So, here is a new weekly for everyone! I’m planning on posting my fav. regular YouTube posters.

Fluffee Talks
Channel Views:6,461,976
Total Upload Views:71,899,345
Joined:October 15, 2007
Last Sign In:1 day ago

He is one of my fav’s! He posts almost weekly stories of odd news in a hilarious manner. There is always a link (or more) back to the original story.
Examples: (Mature Content)

Fish Jumps in Mans Mouth:

Child Gangsta!:

Woman Has 4 Breast After Implant:

There are many more on his main page. I rate it a 4.5 out of 5 for continuous hilarity.

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